All custom Team Apparel sales are subject to Saltzgear Terms & Conditions stated below.
ORDERS – All customers must submit a 50% deposit for any team apparel order (unless percentage amount is adjusted by a Saltzgear representative). The deposit will be applied to the order with the full balance due upon the time of final delivery (NO EXCEPTIONS). Deposit and payments can be made officially by Cash, Check, Money Order, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX. All deposits are non-refundable unless an extreme situation is warranted & documented by a Saltzgear representative. Saltzgear will not release any portion of the order without full balance paid.
SECURITY DEPOSIT- All orders will be placed once a Saltzgear representative receives the following: 50% security deposit, collection of team information (Customized Design, Logos, Sizes and Numbers), proof confirmation and a signed Terms and Conditions form. Allow 4-6 weeks for all customized team apparel. Saltzgear will not guarantee delivery of any team apparel on any particular date or time.
ORDER DEADLINES AND TURNAROUND TIME – Pricing will be established and determined by a Saltzgear representative before any team order is placed. All pricing is determined by the customer’s design of uniforms and other Saltzgear apparel. Prices are subject to change contingent upon the situation and circumstance (ex. Amount ordered, Package combinations, logo detail, embroidery work, etc…)
PRICES – Saltzgear will only accept a minimum of 8 jerseys or more ordered with the exception of any add-on or jersey mistake.
MINIMUM ORDERS – Any request of cancellation or changes of team information must be made within 4 business days from the date the order was placed. Any add-ons (within the 4 business day policy) to the customers current order will be accepted but, may not be delivered along with the customers initial team order.
CANCELLATIONS AND ORDER CHANGES – No Saltzgear team uniforms or other team apparel may be returned unless permission is granted by an Saltzgear representative.
RETURNS – Saltzgear shall not be responsible for goods lost or damaged in transit. Customers will be responsible for checking its shipment upon delivery for total carton count and condition. Any shortage or evidence of damage must be reported to an Saltzgear representative within 2 calendar days of accepted delivery of all customers.
LOSS OR DAMAGE IN TRANSIT – Saltzgear shall not be liable for any loss or profit, interruption of the customers business situation, or any other special, consequential or incidental damages suffered by Customers
LIMITATION ON DAMAGES – If there is any misspelling or malfunctions done and Saltzgear is at fault, Saltzgear will replace the item at no charge to the customer. The misspelled or malfunctioned item must be returned to Saltzgear in the same condition upon delivery.
MISSPELLING OR MALFUNCTIONS – No supplement, modifications or amendments of these Terms and Conditions shall be binding unless executed in writing by Saltzgear as an addendum and signed by both the customer and an Saltzgear representative.
MODIFICATIONS – Saltzgear is not responsible for any unregistered logos or artwork submitted by the customer. With the signing of these Terms and Conditions the customers is allowing Saltzgear to duplicate their logo for only the order specified. All custom logo work is not 100% guaranteed to the exact specifications of the customer.
LOGOS AND ARTWORK – All customers must submit all official advertising of Saltzgear products and advertising of Saltzgear name to Saltzgear for approval (in writing). Customers shall not advertise Saltzgear apparel at discounted or reduced prices.
ADVERTISING – All orders are subject to acceptance and approval from a representative of Saltzgear staff. All customers must accept all terms before order is processed of any custom team apparel.