Please review colors, size and product quality within 30 days of receipt and report any issue immediately to Saltzgear for immediate resolution. Issues not reported within the first 30 days are subject to refusal. Any issues extending past the 30 day period will be evaluated for performance and shall be no longer than 1 year past the date of receipt. Warranty period will not cover already replaced items, unless within 1 year from the original order receipt. Providing photograph(s) and written explanation may help expedite the evaluation period. Issues could include deficiencies to any product claim, and/or performance or quality related concerns. Limited Warranty does not cover circumstances that occur outside of Saltgear control such as stains, mold, normal wear and tear, damage from improper care or customer alteration. Please use the uniform care instructions for best results. Saltzgear quality uniforms are recommended for 1 season use only and will not be evaluated beyond the 30 day window. A Saltzgear representative is available to answer any of your questions.